Junior Krav Maga - classes 6o mins

The classes are open to 5 to 16 year olds both girls and boys.

The training will be structured in a fun and engaging way, and no previous experience will be needed!

The classes will help your children:

. Learn easy and effective techniques to stay safe in bullying and threatening situations

. Get active from a young age, with safe movement and coordination drills

. Teach them to understand stranger danger, and how to stay safe

Topics will include; striking, kicking, ground work, and many more, so it is important that they bring plenty of water with them to the class, and wear correct clothing.


We offer a class pass to three sessions which is £12.99 plus a tshirt, after that classes are:

£28 a month for 1 x class a week

A yearly training license does need to be purchased direct from KMG, for more information visit www.kravmagaglobal-uk.com

Due to the nature of the class, we can’t accept drop ins. If you’d like more info, please contact us via the contact page.

Class timetable:

Wendnesday 6pm to 7pm

St George Community Centre, Church Road, BS5