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Stand Strong Krav Maga, Self Defence & Fitness, Bristol


Welcome to Stand Strong

Want to learn an effective and realistic self defence system that offers you simple and efficient solutions to violent attacks and threatening situations? Stand Strong is the place for you then. Here we offer you Krav Maga, a system that helps you to gain skills to protect yourself. Krav Maga is a self defence system that is for everyone. It has been developed over time so that it is adaptable to the needs of those learning it - you don't need years of previous experience to get involved, just turn up, and get stuck in . Stand Strong is an official Krav Maga Global (KMG) school. KMG is the leading organisation in Krav Maga across the world and offers a worldwide community, along with training opportunities throughout the year with the best instructors from around the world. For more information visit

Alongside the self defence, we want to help you get fitter and stronger. The classes offer you strength and conditioning, through the use of body weight, but also kettlebell exercises. We want you to have the best experience and get the best knowledge available, all our kettlebell techniques follow the Strong First Principles. This allows you to get the best from your training, in a safe and effective manner. Strong First is a leading school of strength across the world. For further information visit

We want you to be assured, you are in safe hands!



 At Stand Strong we offer the following services:

Ladies only self defence classes combining strength training . The classes offer strength and conditioning, with bodyweight and kettle bells exercises at the start of the class - getting you warmed up.  We then move into self defence part of the class, learning easy but effective self defence to help keep you safe against threatening or violent situations.

Juniors Self Defence, this is coming from October. Krav Maga for ages 5 to 16. We want to help your children learn to not be afraid, teach them effective ways to stand up to bullying and threatening situations. Teach them healthy boundaries in a fun and safe environment.

1:1 or semi private Krav Maga lessons . These sessions are tailored to the individual(s) learning needs and desires. It could be you aren’t quite ready for a class yet, or that you prefer to train alone, you want a deeper knowledge of self defence, or you want to train with friends. It doesn't matter what the reasons, we offer either 60 mins or 90 mins -  male and female one to one or semi private- with your exact needs in mind.

Corporate training - a different type of team building. A great way to offer staff a way to get fit, and stay safe. We offer the option of providing lunchtime classes to your organisations, or tailored courses to suit the needs of your organisations.

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“I am really passionate about helping women feel empowered. I want more ladies to find their voice.”

— Hannah Clay


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