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Women’s only classes - 75mins

Train with like minded women on a mission to Stand Strong by learning self defence techniques, improving fitness and developing confidence. The classes are designed for all fitness levels - no previous experience needed!

Together we build a community of support, encouragement and understanding.

In the classes you will:

  • Learn simple and effective self defence techniques to violent and threatening situations

  • Learn how to use kettlebells in a safe and effective manner to build strength

  • Get fitter and stronger both physically and mentally

  • Most importantly have fun while learning


We recommend using our taster sessions to start. Using our Class Pass, you get your first 3 sessions for just £19.99, including a free Stand Strong t-shirt perfect for training in!

After the initial introductory Class Pass, we have two Stand Strong plans for you to choose:

Plan A - £32 per month - One class a week

Plan B - £55 per month - Two classes a week

As we are a KMG affiliated school, a yearly training license has to be purchased too (from £25 per year). More information can be found here: www.kravmagaglobal-uk.com

Unfortunately due to the nature of the class, we can’t accept drop ins so please get in touch with us! For more info, please contact us either via the Contact Page, or via the facebook page Stand Strong Self Defence and Fitness.

Class timetable and locations

19:15 @ Easton Community Centre

Kilburn Street, BS5 6AW


19:30 @ St George Community Centre

Church Road, BS5 8AA